The 4 Things Every Campaign Site Must Do

A circle divided into quarters with "inspire, raise, recruit, comply"

Campaign websites are precious real estate. Just like a piece of lit to be hung on a doorknob, they must work fast to capture the voter’s attention. Here we’ll detail the four essential functions of an effective campaign website. Whether you’re running for school board, or governor the same rules apply.



In order to convert a website user to a voter, then a donor, then a volunteer, you need to inform the user about what you stand for. You have to tell your story and outline your policy positions. One of the most common mistakes we see is candidates failing to provide content that informs and persuades voters.



If you succeed at inspiring your website visitors, many will be inclined to donate. Make this as easy as possible. Make sure you have a button (that works) and that there is a way to access your donation form from every page on your site. Everyone interacts with a website a little differently, so it’s a good idea to link to your donation form within the text of your site.

For example, “If you’re interested in helping me support ESL learners in the Pleasantville School District, consider donating $20 to my campaign“.



Every candidate needs her team. Help your website users join yours.

One part of this having a sign-up form on your website. This ensures you collect that precious contact information that will help you win and hold office in the years to come. Like your donation form, this should be easy to spot and accessible from multiple places on your website. Be sure to include fields for first and last names, email address, and phone number. Remember that the more form fields you include, the more daunting the form looks and the less likely a person is to fill it out.

Your site should also collect the contact information of people interested in volunteering. You can do this by having a separate form, or including a checkbox on your regular signup form.



There are a plethora of state and federal regulations impacting what your site can and cannot include. It’s important that the person creating and managing your site is familiar with current laws and can help you avoid sticky situations.


If you’re a progressive woman running for office, please get in touch. We can help design, build, write, and maintain your campaign website at minimal cost. Why? Because government in America needs more Sheilas.

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